WHITEFIELD Park Bowling Club will offer visitors the chance to try their hand at the sport as part of an open day on Sunday.

Free tuition will be offered by club members as they bid to stoke up interest in bowling.

There will also be stalls, a tombola and refreshments available during the day, which will take place from 11am to 2pm.

Club chairman Vera Grey said: "We took over the maintenance of the green from the council about 15 years ago so have to raise our own funds to pay for it's upkeep.

"It's quite expensive to run, so we hold these open days as a way of raising extra money, but it is also a good chance to get more people from the local area interested in the sport.

"Everyone thinks it is an old person's game, but that's not necessarily so.

"It's quite good exercise for people not to keen on going running around parks or joining a gym, and there is a good social aspect to it as well.

"So anyone who has always fancied giving it a go but never got round to it can come down, use our equipment and get a few tips from members, free of charge."

Whitefield Park is based off Stanley Road, opposite Morrison's behind the Metro station.