A STORM has erupted over the relaunch of Standians FC, which folded a fortnight ago in disarray following two training session bust-ups.

Whitefield rivals Standians and Stand Athletic merged in the summer, but the chairman of the new superclub David Healey pulled the plug on the deal after witnessing one of the on-field brawls which resulted in a pre-season friendly match having to be abandoned.

After calling off the merger and pulling out of the Manchester League, Mr Healey said the superclub would close for a year while the drainage system at Ringley Road was put right.

But it emerged this week that Standians were playing in the Lancashire and Cheshire League Division Two, with chairman Mr Healey aiming to re-apply to the Manchester League next season.

Former Stand Athletic coach Dean Royle, pictured, has now claimed he and the Latics contingent had been “stabbed in the back”.

“What happened in those training sessions was totally out of order and I can well understand Mr Healey wanting discipline to run through the club,” said Royle.

“But I have found out that he’s now got certain players in the new team who were involved in those incidents and who were in disciplinary trouble last year. It appears there was one rule for Standians players and another for the Stand Athletic lads.

“He has told me he wants to make the best of a bad situation. But how is taking two teams out of the Manchester League and putting one in a Mickey Mouse league and leaving 30 to 40 lads without a football team to play in doing that?

“I would have preferred him to have ridden the storm and we could have sorted it out during the season.

“I spoke to him on Monday and told him I feel I’ve been stabbed in the back. That was because I heard from a third party that Standians was back up and running.”

Royle said he and the former Stand Athletic players and management team were now looking for another club to ally themselves having lost their ground at The Elms, Whitefield, two seasons ago.But Mr Healey said yesterday that folding the club had been the only way to get rid of an undesirable minority within newly formed Standians.

“We were offered a place in the Lancashire and Cheshire League who said one of their teams had dropped out,” said Healey.

“I told them that we could play, provided our first two matches were away from home while our draining and dugouts were sorted out.”

But he revealed he was due to attend a meeting with the Manchester League, who are unhappy with the way the club has been operating.

“They think because we have joined the Lancashire and Cheshire League that we have not been honest with them,” said Mr Healey.

“But we have been honest and I will explain exactly what the situation is when I see them — that we had discipline problems.

“I have had an email this week from someone who didn’t give their name threatening me.“This is coming from the same contingent of players that I was determined would not be playing for Standians.

“The Stand Athletic management would not deal with their behaviour. They just wanted to brush over it and deal with it during the season.

“But all my management team disappeared and said they did not want anything to do with it and I was not prepared to hand over the club to a very small minority of yobs.

However, Mr Healey said that the door was open for any Stand Athletic players to train with Standians within the club’s disciplinary procedures.

Mr Healey added: “If we get back in the Manchester League next season, I would delighted to welcome anyone, including Stand Athletic players, who want to play.

“All I wanted to do, for once, was to say this yobbish behaviour which is becoming endemic in amateur football is unacceptable.”