POLICE in Bury have moved to clarify a situation that occurred in Prestwich after a local busker was taken home after being assaulted by schoolchildren.

A community support officer (PCSO) was surprised when, on asking the busker to move on, the man at first would not as according to police this is out of character and the man is usually compliant.

The situation escalated after a group of school children gathered and started to antagonise the busker, leading officers to take the man home.

A police spokesperson said: “It later became apparent that the school children, prior to the PCSO’s attendance had been bullying and had assaulted this individual.

“After speaking to the school, the head teacher is aware of the incident that took place before the PCSO arrival and she will be look into identifying the children that were involved.”

The man was not charged, and officers have released his information to clarify what had occurred after the incident gained traction online.

They have not identified the school spoken to.