ANOTHER entire class of Bury school pupils and staff have been forced to self-isolate following a confirmed case of coronavirus.

All pupils in one of Heaton Park Primary School's Year 2 classes are currently self isolating, along with four members of staff.

Headteacher Paul Lord told the Bury Times that a staff member had contracted the virus at home from her teenage daughter.

He added: "We have had one confirmed case which is related to one of our Year 2 classes.

"We are having to close the class for two weeks and four members of staff and around 25 pupils have been told to self-isolate at home.

"We are taking on guidance from Bury Infection Control."

This comes after a Covid-19 case was confirmed at Lowercroft Primary School yesterday.

A total of 36 Year 6 pupils were told not to come in from Tuesday, and to self-isolate for 14 days, the school confirmed.

Two staff members are also quarantining at home.

In a statement, the school's governors said: “We are following the advice of the Local Health Protection Team and all affected parties will be notified of the return to school date as soon as possible.

“The rest of the school remains open and we can reassure parents that we have robust safety measures in place and the children in each class/bubble are not mixing at any time during the school day.”