CHILDREN and teachers from a local primary school have taken part in important coronavirus research.

Gorsefield Primary School, Radcliffe, has participated in a study to assess the prevalence of the virus among pupils and teachers.

The study was officially launched last month by Public Health England, and across Greater Manchester more than 600 children and teachers have taken part.

In the initial phase of the study data will be collected from 100 schools in England.

Teams from Manchester University NHS Foundation (MFT) Trust have been visiting schools over several weeks to take nose, throat and saliva swabs as well as blood tests from participants.

The data gathered from the study will determine how to bring all children and staff safely back to school.

Karen Bramwell, chief executive of Forward as One Church of England Multi Academy Trust, which oversees Gorsefield Primary School, said: "Staff in particular felt quote comforted that they were going to be tested.

"Parents were very supportive of it, some of the children had to have blood tests and they were fabulous, they all received covid-19 warrior certificates.

"People were very positive about it, we feel absolutely delighted that our schools have been a part of it, we are just doing our bit in the fight against coronavirus.

"This research will benefit the wider community, something which is at the heart of what we do as a trust.

"All the nurses were fantastic with the children too."

The study has been welcome by both parents and staff.

Ruth Onyekaba, head at Gorsefield, said: "As a school we are delighted to have taken part in a Covid-19 testing study in partnership with MFT and Public Health England and feel privileged to be contributing to such important research to benefit our wider community.

"The study has provided reassurance and instilled confidence in our parents and community that we as a school continue to prioritise the safety of our children above all else, and that school remains a safe place to be as we open to more children.

"This has been endorsed by member of our Governing body and parent to three of our children who, like many of our parents, took up the opportunity for her children to be tested.

"It has been wonderful to see children responding so positively to the tests, and feeling proud to be making a difference to their community and being young role models for others."

Janette Dunkerley, head of nursing for research and innovation at MFT, said: "We have an established history of effectively recruiting to studies in schools.

"This has enabled our research and innovation teams to set this vital study up and deploy a clinical research delivery team, into local primary schools within a matter of days.

"I'd like to thank you partner schools, our MFT research delivery team, the children and teachers who have taken part in this research so far."