MEDICS in Bury have appealed for the public to show common sense as some pubs and restaurants look to reopen tomorrow.

Doctors and nurses at Fairfield General have asked the public to act responsibly this weekend, and only come to A&E in a genuine emergency, such as a suspected stroke, after a serious accident or with a suspected heart attack.

Their plea come as the National Health Service celebrates its 72nd anniversary on Sunday.

Health chiefs have asked residents to "give them the best birthday present ever" by staying safe and not turning up at casualty unless they really need to.

Minor conditions can be treated at a local pharmacy, by a GP surgery and even an optician, they say, urging people in doubt to call the helpline 111 before travelling to A&E.

Dr Tom Leckie, an emergency medicine consultant for the Northern Care Alliance group, which runs Fairfield, said: "We are asking the public to think carefully before attending A&E this weekend and in the coming weeks.#

"Covid-19 is still circulating in our communities and our hospital are continuing to care for sick patients both with coronavirus and other emergency problems.

"We have already seen an increase in attendances prior to the easing of lockdown measures this weekend. We are expecting our service to remain busier than usual which may result in delays for you if your condition is not considered an emergency.

"We will be prioritising treatment for those who are a genuine emergency case above those with minor conditions.

"We would encourage everyone to think which is the correct service for their needs and use 111, or other appropriate local health services, for advice before attending in all but emergency situations.”

Accident and emergency wards are already a different proposition, with face masks a must, social distancing of two metres being forced on hospital grounds and the use of hand sanitisers compulsory.

Strict queueing systems will be in place, for anyone who does attend, with experienced doctors referring patients to appropriate services, if A&E treatment is not necessary.