THE RSPCA has warned people about the dangers of litter for animals as it releases new data on the number of animals injured by litter.

Over the past five years the charity has received 906 calls regarding litter in Greater Manchester.

Everyday litter such as plastic bottles and elastic bands can cause serious injuries.

Adam Grogan, head of the RSPCA’s wildlife team, said: “Our staff are dealing with thousands of incidents every year where animals and birds have been impacted by litter - and they’re the ones that we know of.

"I’m sure for every animal we’re able to help there are many that go unseen, unreported and may even lose their lives.

“Litter is one of the biggest hazards our wildlife faces today - and it’s something that’s very easy to resolve. That’s why we’re calling on the public to take extra care to clear up after they’ve been out for a walk or enjoyed a picnic in the woods.

“Now that the government has eased some of the lockdown restrictions, we’re sure lots of families will be out and about in nature. But it’s our job to protect nature and that includes properly and responsibly disposing of our litter.”