PLANS to build a new house on the edge of the green belt have been approved by Bury Council’s planning committee.

But residents have been warned not to use the protected land around it – even if they own it.

A single residential dwelling can now be built on the land between two existing houses in Mode Hill Lane, Whitefield, following the decision by councillors.

But speaking at Bury’s first virtual planning committee meeting held via video conference last week, Cllr Sharon Briggs asked the council’s planning chief for assurances that the green belt land nearby the site would not be developed.

She said: “I just want to make it clear that the occupants, the developers will know they are not allowed to use this piece of land in the green belt and that it’s explained to them if they breach that, what it will mean.”

Head of development management David Marno reminded councillors that the site being considered for development is not land within the green belt.

He said: “You can own land in the green belt but it’s a change of use of land which Cllr Briggs was referring to where additional land within the green belt had been sold to the occupants of the other houses.

“We have already communicated to those residents that land within the green belt cannot be used for a standard looking urban garden that you would tend to see in most other instances.

“It doesn’t mean that you can’t enclose it, you can. It’s that you can’t use it, you can’t cultivate it.

“It’s a little bit of an unusual situation but the point which Cllr Briggs has made has been conveyed not only to the developer at the time, the current developer and also the respective householders.”

Cllr Jackie Harris raised concerns about “inadequate” parking in the area and lack of light in the proposed dwelling and Cllr Cristina Tegolo asked for planning conditions to require bins to be stored at back of house, out of sight.

Mr Marno added: “We’ve set out what the aspect standards are that you would expect to see in the relationship of this dwelling in relation to other existing dwellings. What we say is that the development would be compliant in all respects. So from that point of view it meets adopted policy.