BURY South MP Christian Wakeford says he is “starting to feel human again” following a week in self-isolation after showing coronavirus symptoms.

In a post on social media, Mr Wakeford last week revealed he had developed signs of the Covid-19 infection, including a new cough and a high temperature.

In order to keep his family and others safe, Mr Wakeford then self-isolated at his new flat in London.

However, speaking to the Bury Times on Wednesday, he said he was now back at home and feeling better after “a bit of a tough week”.

He said: “For the last week I have had a bit of a temperature, a cough, and felt pretty terrible without being able to breathe.

“It has been tough for the last week not even being able to Facetime with my daughter because of this illness. But now I am much better."

He added: “If you show any signs do stay at home, stay safe, and don’t pass on the virus.

“Even although it is the over-70s and those most vulnerable who are most at risk, as someone who considers themselves to be relatively fit and healthy, I don’t think I have ever felt this ill.”