ALL 10 developments were given the green light by the planning committee this week.

The former Magistrates' Court building is set to be converted into apartments and townhouses.

A further 11 new dwellings are set to be built, including a four-storey block of flats in Prestwich.

In Ramsbottom, a former bank is set to be converted into a restaurant, bar and apartment.

There are also plans for new flood defences in the Redvales area – but a neighbouring business has warned of further flood risks.

Here are the ten planning applications which were approved.

Apartments and townhouses, former Magistrates Court in Tenters Street, Bury

A former court building is set to be turned into flats with new townhouses to be built on site.

The building in Tenters Street, last used as a magistrates' court, has the approval of councillors to be converted into housing.

A total of 22 one-bedroom and 17 two-bedroom apartments are planned.

There will also be 10 new townhouses built at the town centre site.

The committee was told that due to the high costs associated with converting a building, the developer might not be able to make financial contributions towards local infrastructure.

Councillors agreed to defer the final decision to council bosses who will negotiate an "overage" agreement allowing the local authority to "claw back" some money from the development if profits exceed current estimates.

New house to rear of Carr Street, Ramsbottom

A three-bedroom detached dwelling can now be built in a back garden.

The "split-level" two to three-storey house would be "traditional" in design with a stone finish.

But residents said the new property would be "at odds" with the Victorian houses around it and "interrupt" the historic view.

They raised concerns about traffic, privacy and setting a precedent for other similar developments popping up in the neighbourhood.

Senior planning officer Helen Leach said that the site is not located within a conservation area, but adjacent to it.

Two HMOs at former Flying Flute pub in Blackburn Street, Radcliffe

The former pub in Blackburn Street, which was last used as part of Lovicks furniture store, is set to be converted into shared accommodation.

The family behind the project said turning the derelict pub building into housing for "working professionals" will kickstart investment in Radcliffe town centre.

A five-bedroom and a six-bedroom house of multiple occupation (HMO) have both been granted planning permission.

A two-storey extension at the back of the building has also been given the go ahead alongside some external alterations.

Jessica Mortimer, who spoke on behalf of the landlords at a planning committee meeting, said the family business is investing £350,000 into the project.

She said: “We really passionately believe when one person invests, others will follow."

Block of flats in Park Road, Prestwich

A four-storey block of nine flats is set to be built in a residential area.

The corner plot of land previously accommodated a two-storey dwelling.

The basement of the new property will be used as a car park.

Cllr Richard Gold described the underground facility as "innovative".

The application was unanimously approved.

Seven-person HMO in Manchester Road, Bury

A two-storey semi-detached house is set to be converted into shared accommodation.

The property to the south of the Parkhills Road junction will be used as an HMO.

There would be five en-suite bedrooms and a further two bathrooms.

Mark Pearse, who submitted the application for the development, said he chose the location carefully.

He promised that there would be no couples and no students living at the property.

Bungalow demolition and rebuild in Hillsborough Drive, Unsworth

A detached bungalow can now be knocked down to make way for a new dwelling.

Planning permission was previously granted for extensions to the property – but demolition work has already started according to neighbours.

Sean Thorpe, an architect by trade, spoke on behalf of residents objecting to the application.

He said: “Architecture is the art of compromise. This development is uncompromising."

This latest proposal includes the addition of a rear dormer to an ensuite.

Cllr Tahir Rafiq said that Hillsborough Drive consists exclusively of bungalows with the exception of one two-storey property on the corner.

He said: “If you allow more, then I think it does significantly change the appearance of Hillsborough Drive. Slowly, what will happen is that we’ll see all these bungalows disappearing."

Town hall planner Helen Leach said that larger corner properties are acceptable within urban design.

She added: “It would be an easier, quicker and cheaper to rebuild rather than building the extension.

A total of five councillors voted in favour of the application but two opposed it.

New detached house off Salmsbury Hall Close, Ramsbottom

A new detached dwelling and detached garage is set to be built at the end of a cul-de-sac.

It will be two storeys high and constructed with a tile roof.

The proposed development would be accessed from the existing dwelling on Salmsbury Hall Close.

The planning application was approved unanimously.

Restaurant, bar and apartment at former RBS building in Bridge Street, Ramsbottom

A former bank branch is set to be turned into a restaurant and wine bar with an apartment above it.

The proposal to convert the building in Ramsbottom last used by RBS was waved through by the planning committee.

De-koning Leisure Group Ltd purchased the property from RBS in September of this year.

Ramsbottom councillor Ian Schofield, who sits on the planning committee, welcomed the move.

Flood defences south of Central Avenue and Keswick Drive, Bury

A wall measuring between 1.5 and 3.5 metres in height is set to be erected to form a flood defence.

This northern bank of the land adjacent to the River Irwell extends from the Warth bridge to St Peters Primary School.

The L-shaped retaining wall will be constructed from concrete.

But John Kay, who runs Resolution Hydro, said the scheme "dramatically increases" the flood risk to the hydropower development.

He said: “Flooding is a major risk to our operation. The last thing we wanted to do is to oppose the application."

He told the committee that it would be "morally indefensible" to approve the application before an agreement has been reached with the Environment Agency.

Andrew Cameron, senior flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said that work is already underway on Phase 1 of the flood defences.

A total of 873 properties would benefit from the latest proposal.

Mr Cameron said it will protect properties which actually are not currently at risk but will become at risk because of the impact of climate change.

Planning committee chairman Gavin Magill said: “Anyone who was around at the time of the floods would be very sympathetic knowing the damage that was done.”

The application was unanimously approved.

House conversion into residential care home in Lowercroft Road, Bury

A three-bedroom two-storey detached dwelling is set to be converted into a care home.

The property would accommodate a maximum of three children aged between seven and 17 years old in full time education.

Newly-elected Church ward councillor Dene Vernon said he was not opposed to the development in principle.

But he told the planning committee about concerns raised by residents.

He said: “A lot of it is due to fear of the unknown.”

Concerns were raised also about vulnerable children being at risk because of the property is located on a busy road with "reduced visibility".

Senior planning officer Helen Leach confirmed that the applicant is a registered care provider inspected by Ofsted and would be inspected by the council's children’s services department.

Visitors to the site would be infrequent with occasional social workers visits pre-arranged.

There would be parking available for at least two cars.