A MUM who has survived breast cancer has unveiled an engraved park bench which attests to her recovery.

Shamilla Mirza, who lives in Prestwich, underwent surgery after discovering a small lump in her breast in 2015.

Her diagnosis came at a time when she and her family were grieving the death of her father, who had died three months earlier from a brain haemorrhage.

After being referred to a breast clinic by her GP, Shamilla had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction, followed by chemotherapy treatment, at North Manchester General Hospital and The Christie.

The 45-year-old who works at Tesco in Prestwich credit her family for their "unparalleled support" which gave her the strength to face the disease.

Her mother Arshad Mirza and sister Nabila Mirza still attend every follow-up medical appointment with her.

Shamilla's two sons Zakir Baig Mirza, 16, and Zain Baig Mirza, 18, have also proved to be a great source of comfort.

She said: “I cannot thank my family enough for giving me the courage to face the disease and get on with the treatment.

“Research into cancer is the key to changing lives now and in the future. Without it I simply wouldn’t be standing – or sitting – here today.”

The wooden bench will be installed in Heaton Park where Shamilla enjoyed spending time during her recovery from cancer.

It was revealed to launch the ‘Re-Write Cancer’ campaign — a £20million joint fundraising appeal from Cancer Research UK, The Christie Charitable Fund and The University of Manchester, which aims to meet the cost of a new £150million cancer research facility.

The new building will bring together the largest concentration of scientists, doctors and nurses in Europe to collaborate and accelerate progress for cancer patients.

Due to open in 2022, the building will be twice the size of the Paterson building which was extensively damaged by fire in 2017.