BURY'S most recent MPs were both ranked in the top half across the country in the new People-Power Index – but only just.

The parliamentary league table, the first of its kind created by Change.org, looks at who listened to and engaged with their constituents in the last two years.

Ten data sources were used to measures three things in the following priority order.

Firstly, it looked at availability to constituents by considering online communication, local surgeries and whether they are "distracted" by another job.

It then looked at participation in Parliament including voting record and how often MPs raised issues from their constituencies.

Finally, it looked at how much an MP listened to the wider public by bringing political attention to mass public campaigns.

Ivan Lewis, who has been the MP for Bury South since 1997, was the highest ranked of the two in the borough at number 253.

James Frith, who has been the MP for Bury North since 2017, was ranked number 323 out of 650.

Both are standing as candidates in the general election on December 12, Mr Frith for Labour and Mr Lewis as an independent.

n For more information about the candidates standing to be MP in the general election, read our Special Report on pages 6 and 7.