THE Chancellor of the Exchequer has said the Conservatives have a ‘tough fight’ on their hands to win over voters in Bury and around the country as he visited the borough today.

Sajid Javid MP vowed that his party would not be complacent when challenging for the two Bury seats, adding “we have got to work hard for every vote”.

The minister’s comments came as he stopped off in Bury and Prestwich during a tour of the North West, including visits to Bury Islamic Centre and Three Bakers bakery in Prestwich.

Mr Javid told the Bury Times: “The Bury seats are important to the Conservative party because we need a majority.

"To get Brexit done, to move forward, we need a majority. So we need to gain seats.

"So the Bury seats are important seats for us to work really hard to win every vote. And that’s what we are doing.

"We want to get out there, speak to everyone, speak to every community and show them that it is the Conservative party that will keep the economy strong so we can invest in public services. But also we are the one nation party that can represent all communities.”