AN ALCOHOLIC who was found dead in his Prestwich home had taken a lethal cocktail of drugs and drink.

An inquest heard that Michael Simpson (54) used heroin occasionally but had not built up a tolerance to the drug, and took a fatal dose on the night of his death.

A post-mortem examination found he had also taken a fatal amount of prescribed anti-depressants and had been drinking alcohol, which would have enhanced the effects of both drugs.

Coroner Simon Nelson said: "Mr Simpson did not use drugs regularly and was unaware of how much his body could tolerate.

"There are real risks when naive users turn to controlled substances such as heroin."

Police were called to Mr Simpson's home in Tulle Court at 11.40pm on January 11 when friends found him lying face down on the floor.

He was known to use drugs occasionally and had been seen smoking heroin earlier in the evening.

Mr Simpson was born and brought up in Radcliffe, and moved to Prestwich in later years.

He was married and divorced in the 1970s, and used alcohol as a way of coping with stress in his life.

The coroner recorded the cause of death as the ingestion of legal and illegal drugs, aggravated by the presence of alcohol.