THE YEAR was 1967 when this shot captured prefabricated houses constructed in Heaton Park after the Second World War.

The site in Heaton Park was opposite The Ostrich Inn in Bury Old Road in Prestwich.

The prefabs were a temporary makeshift housing measure to meet the critical post-war demand.

Those behind the project intended to remove the 480 prefabs after 10 years and the land be reinstated as part of the park.

But they had still not moved them more than 20 years after the end of the Second World War.

During the First World War, the Army occupied the park.

Afterwards, some of the huts near the lake were used as temporary accommodation for civilian families.

The Royal Air Force had a base in the park during the Second World War and, when they left, a lot of reinstatement work was necessary.

The second photograph, dated 1949, shows a church parade through the new estate of prefabs.

The vicar of St Hilda’s Church, the Rev George Carter, is leading the procession.

If any Guide reader can recall living in the prefabs, they can share their memories through the letters’ page.

Information and photographs courtesy of local historian Ian Pratt.