LAND over a Metrolink tunnel has been fenced off so engineers can survey a tunnel underneath, public transport chiefs have confirmed.

Security fencing has been erected covering part of the car park for Porada, off Bury New Road, Whitefield.

And Metrolink has posted notices alerting passers-by to a 'defect' with the tunnel running beneath the site, at the corner of Bank Street.

Light rail chiefs say the problem is only 'minor' and will not affect the running of services on the Bury line.

Danny Vaughan, Metrolink head, said: “Our operator, KeolisAmey Metrolink, is planning to inspect and repair some minor damage to the infrastructure in a short section of tunnel at this site. Services are currently operating as normal, however a small area has been cordoned off as a precaution while these works take place.”