AN application to construct a 5G mobile base station on land at Prestwich Golf Club has been submitted to Bury Council.

Operators Cellnix say the work will involve the upgrading of an existing 30 metre tower with new

antennas and alterations, but the height of the tower will remain unchanged.

"The visual effects of the upgraded antenna headframe will be minor and will be a significantly less

visually intrusive solution than introducing a new ground-based installation within the locale," reads the application.

It summarises the principle elements of the work as the installation of sector antennas on the mast with ancillary antenna support apparatus, the installation of ground-based radio housing equipment within an existing compound and the installation of cabling and associated development.

The application says that St Mary's ward councillors, Cllr Jane Black, Cllr Michael Powell and Cllr Eamon O'Brien have all been contacted about the proposals but there has been no response.

"An upgrade to an existing lattice tower installation is required in this instance to facilitate the provision of new 5G coverage within the target area," reads the application. "The development entails the use of an existing site owned or managed by Cellnex which is in operational use and where a mast is already an established feature of the site and wider landscape.

"The proposed upgrade site has been carefully selected in a position benefitting from the screening effects associated with the backdrop of a block of woodland and these masking effects will be further enhanced by tree planting to the north and south. The upgrading of a shared existing facility has eliminated the need to provide two new and entirely separate additional base stations within the target coverage area. The existing installation has been positioned as far away as technically possible from the

views of residential properties requiring the improved coverage."

Access to the site will be provided from the existing golf course access routes.