A CAR exploded after dozens of fireworks were ignited inside the vehicle.

Fire crews were called to a property in Whitefield after "a large quantity of industrial type" fireworks were set alight inside a white Ford Focus.

The car was parked on a driveway in Beech Avenue when it burst into flames at about 11.30pm on Thursday.

Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service have launched investigations.

Tony Wellock, watch manager at Whitefield Fire Station, said: "The passenger window was smashed.

"There was a large quantity of industrial type fireworks inside the car. It made a very loud bang.

"The woman who owned the car was very shaken up. The car will have been written off.

"We revisited the scene on Friday to reassure people living in the local area."

No one was injured. Fire crews remained in attendance for about one hour and made sure the vehicle was safe.

They have since returned to hand out leaflets and notify residents that there has been an incident in the neighbourhood.

Crews have also provided information about Safe and Well visits, provided by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Resident Suzy Squires said: "I heard fireworks at about 11.35pm which I thought was late so I looked out of the bedroom window and could just see fireworks going off in all directions and it went on for a while.

"The loud bangs set car alarms off. It sounded like chaos.

"The emergency services were quick on the scene and dealt with it. I'm so glad no one was hurt."

To arrange a free Safe and Well visit from firefighters, including checks to see if your home is safe and the installation of free smoke alarms, call 0800 555 815.