PUPILS from three Bury faith schools came together to take an educational joint school trip.

Year 6 children from All Saints CofE Primary School in Whitefield, St Luke's CofE Primary School in Bury and Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School paid a visit to the Huddersfield Holocaust Exhibition as part of their studies into the Second World War.

They were joined by parishioners from All Saints Church in Stand and members of the Jewish community in Whitefield.

Reverend Trudie Morris of All Saints Church, who arranged the visit with Judith Hayman, a volunteer presenter for the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said: "We were not only getting people of different faiths together but also people of different ages ­— young and old."

Opened last year the Huddersfield centre is a new permanent exhibition at the town's university which aims to send out a powerful warning against the perils of anti-Semitism and racial prejudice.

It follows the history of the Nazi persecution of Jews and other minorities which culminated in the Holocaust.

The gallery centres on the stories of survivors who escaped the genocide and made new lives in the North of England.

The visit followed an excursion of civic and community leaders from the borough who visited Poland earlier this year.

There they visited remembrance sites to experience and strengthen Bury's connection to the Holocaust.

Many members of the delegation remained in touch and recently hosted Jim Butler from the Huddersfield exhibition as a guest speaker at St Luke's.

Rev Morris and Ms Hayman also took part in question and answer assemblies on Judaism and religious tolerance at All Saints and Higher Lane Primary School prior to the visit.