A DARTS team has been given a new home — just one week after they were "forced to find a new venue."

Savanna Pool and Snooker Club in Whitefield has stepped in to provide a space for the Lord Clive Ladies, who have been playing darts at The Lord Clive pub in Whitefield for more than 30 years.

The team had to begin searching for a new home earlier this month after brewery JW Lees announced they were planning to sell the pub building to a developer.

JW Lees say they have been "transparent" about the sale of the pub with tenant Leanne Doherty who, along with her family, was served a four-week notice period on Monday, June 10.

JJ Faul, a member of staff at Savanna, said: "Everything has been up in the air for the team since the announcement that the Lord Clive was shutting.

"We are going to improve our darts set-up and hopefully establish another team.

"We look forward to having a good relationship with the Lord Clive Ladies."

The Lord Clive Ladies team was established more than 30 years ago as a community club. Two of the original members, Margaret Ashton and Mary Craig, are still playing on the team, which is made up of members aged between 29 and 81.

Joanne Stockley, darts team captain, said: "We have already had an offer which is just amazing.

"We have to register the team for the next season in about four weeks and I can't see the issues at The Lord Clive being sorted by then. We don't want to start the season, then half way through have to pull out because we have no venue.

"So I am very pleased to say that Savanna Pool and Snooker Club have offered us to play from there and also offered to fund the team's league fees for us for the coming season, which we are made up with. Thank you Christine, JJ and Georgina Owen for taking us in.

"The coverage in the Bury Times has helped us to find a new home and paid for our next season.

"It will be a big change for some of the ladies but as a team we have decided that the move will be in our best interest and we are excited for this next season."