A GROUNDSMAN whose first job interview included proving he could climb a tree in a boiler suit has celebrated 40 years working for the NHS.

Arthur Genesis, the grounds and gardens supervisor for Fairfield General Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary, started work in 1979.

Of his job interview he said: "The foreman asked if I could climb a tree. I replied yes, so then he asked if I could climb a tree in a boiler suit. I said yes again so then I had to prove that I could actually do it!”

He was given the job on a six month trial and is still enjoying his work.

Mr Genesis said: "I have seen many changes over my career and the site that I started off working on is now a housing estate. I oversee the grounds maintenance at Fairfield and Rochdale and they are fantastic sites with great teams maintaining them.

"Even though I manage the team I do still occasionally put my working boots on and help with the grass cutting, although I draw the line at climbing trees now!”

Mr Genesis received his long-service award along with other staff at the Northern Care Alliance which runs Fairfield.