ALDI has reversed their decision to move a Big Issue vendor out of his four-year selling spot.

The German supermarket giant said that "following feedback from the community", they have reconsidered the move.

Allan has been given permission to continue selling copies of the newspaper in his usual location, outside the main entrance of the Prestwich store.

A huge campaign was launched calling on Aldi to "give Allan back" his selling site after one of the directors allegedly "banned him from sitting outside."

Ivan Lewis, MP for Bury South, described the announcement as a "great example of people power."

A statement issued by Aldi reads: "On reflection, following feedback from the local community, we’re happy to allow Allan to continue to sell the Big Issue outside the Prestwich store."

Allan has been described as "a cornerstone of the Prestwich community."

Ivan Lewis took up his cause and wrote to Aldi's regional managing director Ruth Doyle urging them to reconsider.

He said: "It is fantastic news that Alan has been allowed back to his spot outside Aldi.

"This campaign has been a great example of people power and what the local community can achieve when they band together.

"I am very pleased that Aldi listened to the community and overturned its decision.

"I want to give special thanks to Original Prestwich People for spearheading this campaign."

Allan received a huge wave of support from residents via the Original Prestwich People Facebook page, with the page also writing an open letter to Aldi.

They praised Allan's good character, citing occasions when he has "helped with trollies, helped look after dogs, packed heavy items, not to mention help stop shop lifters."

A post shared on the page reads: "Guys! We did it! We challenged Aldi and we won! We won for Alan and for common decency, we did what we knew was the right thing to do and we are happy that Alan will be sat back where he belongs."

Allan has sold the Big Issue outside Prestwich Aldi for more than four years, and is both well-known and highly regarded by shoppers.

An online petition "to get our Alan back" had amassed more than 600 signatures and some shoppers even threatened to boycott the supermarket.

The Big Issue North had also offered their support on social media, stating that their office staff and manager would be supporting Allan.