KEEPING up to date with your benefits can make sure you get what you are entitled to.

Last year the government spent more than £250 billion on welfare, including income support and pensions.

Each year benefits go unclaimed and the Department for Work and Pensions wants to ensure people get the benefits they are entitled to.

Changes to circumstance like getting married or divorced, starting or ending a civil partnership, having a baby, moving house, changes to your pension, savings or property, starting or stopping education or going into hospital can all affect your benefits.

Lords minister, Baroness Buscombe said: “We are committed to making sure you get your claim right, with ongoing support throughout the life changes you may experience.

“We know life can be complicated at times, but claiming benefits doesn’t have to be. If you need help, jobcentre staff are here to simplify the system and make sure you’re getting the right level of support.”

DWP has a free hotline, 0800 731 0469, or visit