AFFORDABLE homes could be coming to Prestwich if plans at the "derelict" site of a former pub are approved.

This follows three previous applications for housing developments on the site which did not come to fruition.

A total of 19 homes have been proposed at the location of the former Park View Hotel in Lowther Road.

Housing association Irwell Valley Homes promises that the accommodation will be "100% affordable".

A series of private sale urban villas were planned by a developer looking to acquire the site in 2015, but this fell through because of funding issues.

This newly proposed development would consist of seven shared-ownership houses and 12 rent-to-buy apartments.

Cabinet member for Finance and Housing Eamonn O'Brien, welcomed the prospect of affordable homes in his ward.

He said: “It’s Bury Labour’s manifesto commitment to improve the supply of affordable housing in the borough. I’m happy to see a scheme come forward in my ward which is committed to affordable housing. I know it’s a practical issue in Prestwich where the cost of living and the cost of housing is quite high and often out of reach for first-time buyers and young families trying to get on the housing market."

Irwell Valley Homes had previously been granted permission to build 30 apartments in a large three-storey block, but this never went ahead.

Residents raised concerns about a three-storey block featured in the new plans which they fear would overlook their back gardens.

However, changes were made following a public consultation, including frosted glass on some windows to address privacy concerns.

Cllr O'Brien said: “I’m working with ward colleagues to minimise the impact on local residents. However, the feedback for residents that I’m getting is this site has been derelict for a very long time - since I was a kid in Prestwich. To see it used for a good purpose like affordable housing is definitely a welcome step forward."

Immediate neighbours to the site were invited to attend a consultation which was held over two days in August.

Issues raised included parking, security and the appearance and location of the apartment block.

According to the application, Irwell Valley Homes made several concessions following the consultation, which directly affected the viability of the development, such as the loss of three units.

As a result it will not be offering any contributions to the local authority as part of a Section 106 agreement, hoping that the provision of affordable homes will outweigh this requirement.

It said: "This application represents a unique opportunity to bring forward development on a difficult site with a history of failed proposals. As a result the site has long become a wasteland within the local area.

"A housing association such as Irwell Valley being one of the few developers that could finally realise a scheme on the site.”