A POPULAR Whitefield pub is waging a desperate battle after being blighted by a string of heartless attacks of vandalism.

The Frigate in Thatch Leach Lane has had its windows smashed five times in the last two weeks, including when children and customers have been on the premises.

In a post on Facebook the publicans labelled the vandalism as "absolutely mindless", adding that they have been informed that teenagers from the nearby area are being paid £25 per window to put them through.

As a consequence of the attacks the publicans say they have been left feeling ill and concerned for the safety of their family, including an 11-month-old grandson, who stay there.

They have also pleaded for people to come forward with information to help catch the perpetrators.

The post said: "Please please speak to your teenagers and any you know and make this stop before someone gets seriously injured.

"The police are helping in a big way and have been given some names.

"This is my home and my living room I’m sure if your living room windows were getting put through regularly it would make you ill.

"Please stop this now. And any information would be great."

Joseph Holt, the brewery who own The Frigate, have been approached for comment.