IN his letter Simple steps to stop car park chaos’, (Opinion, November 8), Ian Hunsley offers two steps to fix-it, and states: "This is not rocket science and is something that is so basic that I despair as to what Bury Council has the ability to do."

More worryingly, shouldn’t we despair as to what we, the most destructive creature on Earth, has the ability to do?

For isn’t it the case that, since the dawn of civilisation, for every problem that’s been solved, an even bigger one has been created?

As for car park chaos, the UK now harbours so many motor vehicles ­— on footpaths, highways, byways and motorways, car parks, containers, forecourts, showrooms, breakers yards, etc ­— that they could stretch, bumper-to-bumper, three/four-abreast and reach the North Pole.

From his claims "not being so good on my feet", and "I am one of the unfortunates from Unsworth library and clock up six miles to get to Prestwich", might it be that, Mr Hunsley is also one of the UK's millions of unfortunate, disabled pensioners?

When I was born in 1948, the UK's working-classes, (if not middle), had to make-do-and-mend.

Also, the Morris Minor (width 60 inches: the distance drivers should give between their wing-mirror and a cyclist, when passing them) with a top-speed of, 100mph-less than some of today’s (space-demanding) SUVs, was launched at the Earls Court Motor Show.

Then in 1958, with mass-car ownership at "the end of the rainbow", came the Preston Bypass (now part of the M6), followed, in 1959, by the M1 (first full-length motorway); the M62/61, etc; the M60, and eventually, to Mr Hunsley, "only to return to find my (his) car blocked by a red (space-saving) Mini", and to me writing this letter.

As for the dance competition in the Longfield Suite, not unlike Strictly, don’t we all have the ability to be better human beings?

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