THE council continues with its crazy ideas at the expense of the residents of Prestwich.

Last Sunday, I arrived at the car park to do some shopping and go to the library.

Imagine my horror on finding the car park was bursting at the seams due to a dance competition in the Longfield Suite.

I might be being a bit naïve here, but there were two alternatives which should have been used.

1) Write to the dance organisers and tell them to use the far bigger Fairfax car park which some of them had to do 2) Put notices round the Longfield to say it might be inconvenient on the day.

This is not rocket science and is something that is so basic that I despair as to what Bury Council has the ability to do.

Not being good on my feet, I had to park next to the library, only to return to find my car blocked by a red Mini.

After half-an-hour of asking people, we found out it was the security officer's deliberate action to block six cars in and when we got out he went back in to block the other five cars in!

The man must be an absolute moron and again didn't think about the consequences of his stupid actions and the frustration he caused.

By the way, I am one of the unfortunates from Unsworth library and clock up six miles to get to Prestwich.

I use the car as the half-hour travel in the week, according to the council, can often be an hour, but this borough is a total joke.

Ian Hunsley