THERE is a new name in town after a taxi takeover.

Elton Bullit has bought local operators Blueline and Star Swiftline and the merged companies have been rebranded as EltonBlueline.

Swiftline and Blueline began a merger deal in May, creating StarSwiftBlueline.

Pauline Leckie, manager of EltonBlueline, said: “We’re very excited to merge together. We’ll be going from 300 cars to 450 cars so that will improve the service. Without a doubt ­— much, much better.”

Former Blueline owner Gary Naven said: “Blueline has been an important part of the local business community for 50 years and we would just like to wish the new company all the best.”

The previous director of Star Swiftline, Ali Khan, said: “I’m very happy. It’s better for the public, more taxis and quicker times. I'm very happy”.

All three firms will be keeping their phone numbers and a free app is available for different payment options.