MEMBERS of Greater Manchester's diverse communities gathered for an annual picnic to bring people of different faiths together, last weekend.

The picnic, organised by the Muslim-Jewish Forum of Greater Manchester, took place in Heaton Park on August 5, and was attended by more than 30 people including attendees from the region's Jewish, Muslim, French, Israeli and Humanist communities.

Picnickers, many of whom were attending the event for the first time shared a beautiful and plentiful array of food, including delicious homemade pakoras, sandwiches, pittas, bagels, hummus, salads and fruits.

First time attendee, Jade Doswell, said: "I was pleased to be invited to the Forum picnic as I think the work they do is really important. I had a lovely time and met some really interesting friendly people."

Another first-time attendee, French-born Stephane Savary, added: "I think it is important we work with both the Muslim and Jewish communities in Greater Manchester, so we can develop closer cultural and social ties between the communities.

"That is why I truly enjoyed this picnic with lovely food and fantastic people."

Co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish Forum, Afzal Khan CBE MP, said: “The annual Muslim Jewish Forum interfaith picnic was another great success this year.

"People of all faiths from across Greater Manchester came together to share food and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

"It is great to see new faces every year and build connections centred around community cohesion and interfaith learning. I'd like to thank everyone who helped make it happen.”