RESIDENTS are calling on Bury Council to think again after weight restrictions were lifted on a busy road.

Croft Lane in Hollins has had its 7.5 tonne weight restriction lifted a 12 month trial basis.

But people living near the road say it is dangerous and already difficult to cross and the arrival of heavy goods vehicles will put their primary school-age children at even more


Andrea Hill, aged 48, lives in nearby Statter Street, said: “I’ve been trying to campaign for safety on Hollins Lane for quite a while.

“I know it will take a child to get knocked over like when I campaigned for Stand Lane in Radcliffe — a lad was killed there.”

David Winkley, who lives in Linksway Drive, Sunnybank also worried about the state of the road.

He said: “Ninety per cent of Croft Lane from Blackford Bridge to the M66 roundabout is in dire need of resurfacing. This is a very busy road, and it can just about cope.

“The mini roundabout at the bottom Hollins lane has all but disappeared to be replaced with pot holes filled in individually leaving a lot of little humps. In no way can this road support HGVs.”

Unsworth ward councillor Dave Jones said: “The lane is no more than a farm track leading to the motorway, it’s in a dire condition.

“It’s nonsense, I want to know what’s changed, pressure from businesses isn’t enough.”

A weight restriction was introduced in February 2011 to remove goods vehicles from routes through Hollins.

Steve Kenyon, the council’s interim executive director of resources and regulation, sent a letter to residents nearby last week.

It states: “The council has since been made aware by local businesses that this order is a source of considerable in convenience for some local goods vehicle traffic which would otherwise benefit from the use of Hollins Brow, Croft Lane and Pilsworth Road to access Heywood Industrial Park, the immediate local area and junction three of the M66.

“Consequently, in respect of the council’s commitment to developing a stronger local economy, a decision has been taken to explore options to support local businesses which might be adversely affected.”

Mrs Hill said: “Within 24 hours of the letter we had quite an incident on the corner [of Croft Lane and Hollins Lane]. A tractor with heavy trailer took out all the railings and dragged them across the pavement. It missed a mum by about a foot and left her very


The restriction has been lifted for a period of 12 months in Hollins Brow, Croft Lane and Pilsworth Road but will remain in place on Hollins Lane.

Residents are being invited to comment on/object to the council making this a permanent change.

A council spokesman said: “We are trying to find the right balance between looking after the interests of local residents and meeting the legitimate needs of local businesses.

“There are also the needs of the wider area to consider. We are trying to reduce congestion and improve air quality across the whole borough, and retaining weight restrictions on Croft Lane could be making these problems worse elsewhere in Bury.

“This proposal is an experimental one, with people able to give their views and the findings analysed over a number of months. After receiving representations from local ward councillors and residents, we are now going to take a pause and think about how best to proceed. In the meantime, no action will be taken before October.”