A MUM has criticised school bosses after they took two days to inform parents about two pupils who were mugged near the school building.

The incidents occurred last week, and one is believed to have happened on Wednesday, although parents and carers were only informed on Friday.

Ms Tina Owen, head teacher at Philips High School, Whitefield, penned a letter which was circulated through its website.

It said: "Unfortunately, I am having to write to parents/carers to inform you of two very unpleasant incidents that happened this week. There have been two separate incidents of pupils being mugged in the vicinity of the school. Pupils’ valuables and money were taken.

"The police were informed immediately, two arrests were made and investigations are ongoing. We have spoken to all pupils today about personal safety and keeping themselves safe.

"I do not want to cause stress or alarm but of course the safety of all pupils is paramount. Fortunately these incidents are rare but when they do happen it is very upsetting."

Diane Burdaky, who has had three children attend the school and went there herself as a child, said the way the incidents had been dealt with was "ridiculous".

She explained: "I got a text on Friday from the school, we get a lot of them, and this one said asked us to look at the school website for important information regarding pupil's safety.

"Later on that afternoon, I thought I would go and see what it was about, so I went on the website and saw the notice about the muggings.

"I am really annoyed that it wasn't treated with the utmost importance. I got these texts on Friday and one of these incidents happened on Wednesday.

"They haven't even had an assembly to tell the kids about what happened. My daughter hasn't been told and I think it's just ridiculous."