FORMER Whitefield cricketers returned to the crease after more than three decades to mark a memorable anniversary.

A weekend of reunion events was held by Stand Cricket Club to celebrate 35 years since the club won a clean sweep of all the junior league and cup trophies in 1983.

In honour of the extraordinary season, former players from across the country returned to the town for a reunion and a one-of-a-kind cricket match.

The reunion's organiser, Martin Hegg, aged 47, who now lives in Lincoln, said: "This reunion has been long over due. It has been 35 years and thanks to social media this is the first time we have been able to everyone's details.

"We have 38 people coming from all over the country to celebrate."

The former players returned to Whitefield from as far away as Cornwall and Northampton, meeting up for the reunion at club's regular watering hole, the Eagle and Child pub in Higher Lane.

After the meet up the ex-players went down to Stand Cricket Club to watch the club's first team take on local rivals Unsworth.

They then joined back up on Sunday for a match between the Stand Old Boys, including several former professional cricket and football players, and a team from the club's current XIs.

The teams played an experimental new format of cricket called 10/10 — the first time the style has been played at club level.

Among the reunited players was ex-England international and Lancashire County cricketer, and brother to Martin, Warren Hegg.

Warren, aged 50, who now lives in Bromley Cross, Bolton, had played with the Stand team until he was signed by Lancashire and moved to Old Trafford Cricket Ground at 16-years-old.

He said: "It's great to come back and see Whitefield, and to come back to Stand where I'm a life member, it holds very fond memories for me. It is part of my life and will be forever.

"To go on and play international cricket for England from humble beginnings like Stand, it just shows that you are living the dream."