THE wonderful EU hotel.

If the EU was such a wonderful place to stay with everything that a person could wish for, then it just couldn't exist.

In a holiday brochure it would be given five stars, 10/10, but look deeper and you would find that the management were more like Basil in Fawlty Towers Hotel programme.

The problem with the EU management is that it makes all the rules with no regard to how its customers feel.

They decide what they want and ask for more money to be able to implement the views with little regards to who can really afford the bill.

Their crazy ideas know no bounds, from straight bananas to an EU army ,and as to free trade, they set tariffs and fix obstacles that effect the poorest in the world.

Ask the EU to reduce by 10 per cent to 15 per cent the overall running costs of the hotel by getting back to what it was created for — trade — and their first thoughts would be why? We are doing just what we want and that is all that matters.

Butter mountains, milk lakes, wastage on crackpot schemes are all there and given time they will fund anything that keeps them safe in power, and you, the customer, will pay for it.

Brexit could just be the very thing that actually wakes up the EU to its many faults and, in keeping with the hotel theme, when the customers leave and find a better hotel, then it must change its policies or close and bolt the doors.

Keep faith with Brexit, it is the best hotel for the UK.

Chris Cunliffe