NISSAN cars in the borough have been targeted in another wave of unusual thefts.

Police have reported thieves breaking into several vehicles in Whitefield and Prestwich on Saturday night and stealing SD cards from inside sat navs.

At least 10 vehicles were targeted on roads including Wilton Street, Nipper Lane, Thorp Street, Lily Hill, Tamworth Avenue, Hastings Avenue, and Ash Grove. 

Sergeant Richard Garland, from GMP Whitefield, said: "We have had around 10 calls about cars being targeted, but we believe there may have been more.

"They are mainly around the Radcliffe New Road and Bury Old Road areas and it is mainly affecting Nissan Jukes, although there have been a few Qashqais and Notes."

"The thieves are blitzing this area and then moving on. They will no doubt be somewhere else this weekend. There was another spate just after Christmas last year.

"We believe there is an ulterior use for the SD cards, but there is a difficulty in trying to catch the culprits in the act, with the cards being so small and quick to remove."

Helen Bywater, who lives in Wilton Street, had her Nissan Juke broken into for the second time in less than five months.

Her car had previously been targeted and the SD card stolen from her sat nav on New Years Eve.

She said: "This is the second time for me. The first time it was the drivers side now this is the other side.

"They are popping the glass out then they are selling the SD cards online for £30.

"The last time it happened we caught the guy on CCTV and it only took him six seconds to do it. 

"They have gone back for a second time and popped it out but there's no SD card in at the minute because of last time.  

"They don't target 15 plates they target newer vehicles because they have the most up-to-date sat navs.

"It's frustrating and it's annoying because they can't replace the glass until Thursday, so now I'm stuck with a vehicle with no window."

Ms Bywater also criticised Nissan for their customer service and response to the incident and websites for allegedly allowing the SD cards to be sold online.

After informing Nissan of what has happened, she says she was told that there is charge of £250 for a replacement and offered a sign telling thieves that there is no SD card inside the vehicle.

She said: "They should be looking at what they are putting in their vehicles.

"New vehicles have a plastic cover over the SD card. Maybe that's their solution, but people will soon get used to that and it will happen again.

"It's frustrating because I love the car but I don't know if I can keep it now, because you can't have this every few months."

Following the incident police have warned residents in the area about the crime spree and issued guidance on how to avoid it.

Sgt Garland, said: "I would advise people to remove the cards and advertise that it is no longer in the car.  

"We have also passed around information to people telling them it is happening in the area." 

Nissan have been approached for comment.