COMEDY and acting legend Dave Spikey dropped in on a Prestwich care home to film for his latest project.

The Phoenix Nights star enlisted the help of residents at The Fed and Heathlands Village to feature alongside him in a film for Vegetarians for Life — a UK-based charity which aims to improve quality of life for older vegetarians and vegans.

VFL’s, Marguerite Taylor, said: "Having visited Heathlands before, we were amazed to find everything on-site – all the usual things you would expect in a care home, but a salon, activity centre and enormous kitchens – it made it the perfect place to film our new promotional video."

As filming started, passionate vegetarian Dave began his day in the home's hairdressing salon, appearing under a blonde wig to deliver his lines to camera.

He then moved to more relaxed surroundings to have a cuppa with residents in the quiet lounge, where the short scene was extended by a good-deal of ad-libbing and prompting by enthusiastic residents.

One resident, Faye Varley, said: "He was such a gentleman, and very funny too.

"We did help him out a bit with his lines, I don’t think he minded too much."

Dave then filmed two more scenes alongside residents and staff, including a jabadao exercise session in the activity centre and a humourous kitchen scene exploring food options VFL can assist with.

Activity centre deputy manager, Nick Burgess, said: "The residents all loved it – it was something different and fun, and everything worked out very well."

And the film's producer, Pete Smith, added: "There’s some brilliant material here – it’s going to look excellent."

The VFL film is to be released on May 14 to coincide with National Vegetarian Week, and everyone at Heathlands village is excitedly awaiting their on-screen debut.