POLICE were called to reports of a break in - and found that the culprit was the woman who lived in the house. 

Officers attended the scene after reports of a man breaking into a property in Unsworth.

But they were surprised to find the suspect was the female homeowner.

The woman had reportedly fallen asleep in her garden after a BBQ, before waking up around 3am.

Unable to see in the dark and locate her keys it is believed she then proceeded to break into her own house.

The woman injured herself in the process and was treated at the scene by police and paramedics.

Sergeant Richard Garland from GMP Whitefield said: "At 3 o'clock this morning a woman broke into her own house in Unsworth.

"She was obviously enjoying the hot weather and had had a BBQ and a few beers and woke up in the morning and couldn't find her keys.

"She cut herself in the process so we organised an ambulance.

"We realised she was the occupier. It's not an offence to break into your own home, and I think we have all lost our keys once or twice in our lives.

"We get people breaking into their own houses all the time, people who have lost their keys.

"Usually people realise that it's a neighbour and don't call the police, but at three in the morning you can't fault them for thinking it's something more suspicious."  

Sgt Garland went on to praise the woman's neighbours who called the police.

He said: "We're grateful to them for phoning us up, they did the right thing, but things aren't always as suspicious as it seems.

"We should all look out for our neighbours and their property. They are the sort of neighbours we all want."