PUPILS went to school with a cheep as they dipped into learning about the wonders of the life cycle.

The children from the Early Years Foundation Stage at Whitefield Community Primary School were fully engaged with the new topic as they went pond dipping and tadpole watching on their first day back after half term.

Reception Teacher, Carys Edge, said: "The children were so excited when they saw how many tadpoles were swimming along the edge.

"They were completely absorbed in the experience and asking some brilliant questions about our natural world.

"Learning about life cycles is the perfect topic for hands-on, cross-curricular learning and for teaching the children about responsibility and care.

"As a school, we are passionate about learning outdoors and value the benefits it brings."

Across the school the pupils were also hatching their own chicks as they worked on a Living Eggs project.

As part of the project the children have been learning about how to keep the chicks safe and happy, and writing fact files and stories about their new feathered friends.

In order to experience the full life cycle the school will keep the chicks from when they hatch until they are full grown and producing eggs for them to sell.

Heading in to spring the school is also continuing its Scandinavian-inspired Forest School lessons, growing vegetables and planting flowers to bloom in the summer — with pupils creating height charts and diaries for monitoring how tall their sunflowers grow.

Headteacher, Martin Van Hecke, said: "We are extremely fortunate at Whitefield Community Primary School to have such a fantastic outdoor space that includes a school pond, forest area, school garden and extensive playing fields.

"Inspiring the children through learning outdoors is a key element of our curriculum.

"Being able to connect to the outdoors and experience life cycles by looking at the life found in our own pond gives the children a tangible curriculum that contextualises their learning experience."