THERE will be a clamp down on "nuisance" off-road bikers in Bury.

Complaints have been made about dirt bikers in Prestwich, with hotspot areas including Prestwich Clough, Drinkwater Park and Philips Park.

Police also received a report of an off-road biker racing around Lord Street and Ulundi Street in Radcliffe overnight on Thursday, April 26.

Councillor Eamonn O'Brien, who represents St Mary's ward on Bury Council, said: "This has been an issue for quite a while. The biggest concern is the danger that someone will by hit by a bike. Young children could get hurt.

"All the parks are connected so it is very easy for people to dirt bike all the way from Salford to Radcliffe. They can effectively go where they like.

"People force their way through the park barriers and use dirt bikes in a really dangerous way. We are trying to make the park entrances anti-dirt bikes but these people are persistent and will find a way in.

"It is very difficult to catch these bikers because they often wear face masks and remove number plates."

Cllr O'Brien said that Bury Council is working with the police and the Forestry Commission to try and prevent the problem.

The issue has also been raised by members of community group Clean Team Prestwich.

Resident Artur Koral said: "Bike riders abuse Drinkwater Park almost every day.

"They show no regard for the park as a communal space, used by local people for relaxation and contact with nature.

"As soon as a biker arrives, that area of the park is best avoided, especially when you are with the kids or dogs.

"A speeding bike in a pedestrian zone creates a real danger for the safety, not mentioning the comfort and peace of mind, of everyone who is nearby."

Another resident, speaking anonymously, said: "Bikes go past the council cameras at Kersal Road and Hilton Lane on every single sunny day and have torn up the football pitches in Drinkwater Park.

"They are also on the pavements at Butterstile and Hilton Lane."

Police called for residents to monitor the issue by collecting information about off-road bikers, such as what they are wearing, number plate details, the time of day and nature of the anti-social behaviour.

Booklets with more information about how residents can help have been placed next to the police office in Prestwich Library.

The Prestwich neighbourhood policing team said in a GMP Bury South Facebook post: "Each year when the weather improves we suffer with bikes causing anti-social behaviour.

"To tackle this we are working with Cllr Eamonn O'Brien and GMP's off-road biking unit.

"We understand how frustrating the issue is and with Bury Council's and the public's help we aim to take these nuisances off the roads and parks but please be patient with us as this is not going to happen overnight."

Material contained in the police leaflets is available online at