DRIVERS are being driven round the bend by thieves stealing their vehicle's badges.

More than 20 Mercedes owners in Prestwich have been targeted by vandals who are taking the famous metal logo from their cars.

The issue has been affecting vehicles in the Gardner Road area for around two weeks, with 2015 number plates or later being targeted.

Residents are being urged to be vigilant and anyone with any information or who sees something suspicious is asked to contact the police on 101.

PCSO Yousaf, from GMP Prestwich, said: "There have been over twenty cars involved. Each badge is quite expensive and this has been going on for around two weeks now."

He added that police have had difficulty in tracing the culprits as victims have not been coming forward.

PCSO Yousaf said: "At the moment because not many people are reporting it we are going around checking CCTV to find out how these people are operating.

"We need to report it. Once people are reporting it we are giving people advice on how to prevent it.

"People should park their cars closer to the wall or another car so that people can't get their hands in front and take them off, or they should park cars in their garage."