MANCHESTER artists will paint bees across the county on the anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack.

Businesses in Greater Manchester can sign up to have a bee drawn on their window in return for a donation to the Manchester Emergency Fund.

The project was set up by illustrator Myroslava Coates, of Prestwich, who wants to commemorate the anniversary of the terror attack on the 22 May 2018.

The artist, known as Myro, said: "As we are coming up to a year since it happened I wanted to find a way to commemorate the attack but celebrate the spirit that came through in the aftermath."

"I do a lot of window art as part of my job so I thought how great would it be to draw the Manchester bee on as many doors or windows as I could, to cover the whole city in that symbol of working together that people recognise so effortlessly now, and the 22 Bees Project was born."

Myro had originally planned to get 22 businesses involved to reflect the date of the attack as well as the number of people who lost their lives.

But since sharing the idea on Facebook, more than 100 businesses have signed up.

Some of the businesses signed up so far in the North of Manchester include Grönn Hair Salon in Bury and Pizza Express and Emily's Paint-a-Pot, both based in Prestwich.

The North West Ambulance Service, who were on the frontline on the night of the attack, have also invited the artists to draw for them.

Jen Fitton, another Manchester-based artist and sign-writer, will be working alongside Myro on the project.

There are more artists on standby should demand continue to increase.

Myro will be starting in Bury, while Jen will be starting in Altrincham, making their way towards to the city centre and meeting in the middle.

The illustrator added: "The response has been amazing - we're going to be drawing everywhere from cafes and bars to schools and offices.

"It's going to be a hard day for our city and we really hope this will show how much of Manchester is committed to sticking together as a community through rain or shine."

The bee symbol has taken on a powerful meaning as a symbol of unity following the tragic events on 22 May.

A pinpointed map will be created of all the bees so that once the project is complete, a 'bee trail' can be followed.

People who want to get involved who are not local or don't have a business, will be able to buy a piece of artwork created by The 22 Bees Project.

All profits will go straight to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

To get involved email