A COUPLE from Prestwich will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary.

Jim and Jean Latimer tied the knot 70 years ago next week and have had a 'wonderful, wonderful' life together.

The pair met when Jim, now 94, was stationed at Heaton Park during the war and introduced to Jean, née Marsden, through a friend.

Mrs Latimer, aged 91, said: "I was only 16 and he was 18. He was, and still is, a very shy man and I got fed up of waiting.

"My father would make me be home by 10pm and I was fed up of waiting for Jim to kiss me so I kissed him good night after six weeks."

Mr Latimer left the air force as a navigator and warrant officer, he went on to work at the Labour Exchange in Cross Lane for a time before going into business, opening a news agents in Sandy Lane, Prestwich, going on to open more shops in the region.

He also became a travelling leather salesman something Mrs Latimer said she wasn't 'terribly happy about' because it left her alone for long periods.

The couple married on March 27, 1948 just three days after Mrs Latimer turned 21, the age her father said she had to be to marry.

They had four children, Stephen, Jacqueline, Katrina and Fiona within six years.

Mrs Latimer said: "It was quite windy at St Pauls when we married, I had a stone to hold my veil down. And we had a wonderful, wonderful, happy life.

"I wanted a big family, when we had four children and I would have loved another two. When I see people shopping with their children I always say these are the best times of your life. They are worth every bit.

"Kids are lovely but unfortunately we all have to grow up."

Mrs Latimer was a keen singer and piano player when she was younger and secured a full scholarship at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

She said: "But I wouldn't go, I wasn't leaving my Jim."

The pair have lived in Barnhill Drive, Prestwich for 40 years.

Daughter Katrina Carr, said: "Mum and Dad have been devoted to one another for 70 years and devoted to their loving children, grandchildren and great grand children, including Riley their faithful dog."