JUST a small point to mention about parking (Bury Times, February 22).

I can't believe what I read — Andy Burnham met with developers, planners, police, NHS, councillors and Ivan Lewis to improve Prestwich.

Mr Burnham even had a walk with Rishi Shori. Please think long and hard about parking.

At the moment we have two car parks which are often full by 10.30am so after that, people won't shop in Prestwich as there is no parking.

If we are to have more development, the only place to have another car park is on the derelict garage site next to the Metro and follow Whitefield and Radcliffe's example and make it two tier.

This site was put forward several years ago and never got off the ground.

So I would insist that before this development goes ahead the extra parking is a must.

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