WALKING football has proved successful in Bury the team has joined a league.

Off the back of weekly sessions held at Castle Leisure, some players formed a team called Bury Relics who play in Manchester’s Walking Football League.

Gary Lomax, one of the team, said: “Having been playing for nearly 12 months, it is now something I look forward to each week.

“As much as I enjoy the football, it is also about seeing and talking with the other players before and after the game.

“As a result we have now formed our league team but we will still continue to support the weekly game and its members at Castle. Without the attendance of the regular players we would not have been able to get our team together.”

His fellow Relic, Andy Quayle added: “I think we all wondered what walking football was about, but we soon found out at Castle Leisure Centre.

“I met like-minded people who want to play football again, although we are a lot slower than we used to be.

“Soon the numbers started to grow and was not too long before we all were looking forward to playing.

“Then the chance came to take part in a competition, so we decide to see what the competition was like. One team I spoke to came from Wakefield to compete - we played them, and what a well-drilled team they were – who had been playing for more than two years, but there was nothing being organised in their area so they decided to enter the competition here.”

To have a go at walking football yourself, join a session at Castle Leisure, Bolton Street.

They are run on Tuesdays at 11.15am, there is no need to book.

It is £3.50 to play or free for leisure centre members.