A PRESTWICH school is celebrating its 80th birthday this year – with a new stained glass window.

Prestwich Arts College is remaining a vibrant part of the community by installing the unique window representing the school’s three houses in their respective colours.

Earlier this year the school in Heys Road, commissioned the stained glass window with specialists Recclesia Ltd.

The company’s recent work has included the conservation and restoration at Manchester town hall and the city's Central Library including a new Shakespeare window.

As part of headteacher Chris Hornby’s plan to create an Arts Trail at the school, Recclesia produced several designs.

Mr Hornby said: “Ultimately, we agreed a stunning design which incorporates a tree, each branch of which represents our three houses in their respective colours. At its base is a book which depicts our focus on the importance of learning.

“I am immensely grateful to the team at Recclesia who have very generously donated this lovely artwork to the school.

“It is not only a tangible reminder of the enduring quality of this great school but now forms a part of our growing Arts Trail.”

The window, created by artists Kathryn Walton and Kate Ladyman, now sits above the school’s Bracewell Studio facing the quad in the main building.

Mr Hornby added: "I had worked in a brand new Wigan school many years ago and was impressed at the amount of sculpture which decorated the site.

"I was determined when I became headteacher to use the school as a canvas to celebrate the pupils’ artistic achievement.

"The development of an Arts Trail is the product of that intention working with key members of the arts faculty. This is a long term project but already examples of school can be seen around the school.

"The stained glass window is yet another craft alongside examples of book sculpture, mosaics, pottery, paintings and lots more.

"We also now have an annual event organised by the arts department when we attempt a gallery standard presentation of our pupils’ work for viewing by our community.

"Prestwich Arts College remain committed to developing our pupils artistic and creative development whatever the medium."