A NEWLY refurbished kosher restaurant was doused in petrol and set alight by arsonists.

CCTV cameras at the Ta’am Deli and Grill in Prestwich captured the moment two men broke in and poured fuel in the bar, on the floor and in the toilets.

The owners are determined to catch the arsonists who struck last Friday – just days before the Bury New Road eatery was due to reopen.

Flames engulfed the premises after the petrol was lit and despite a huge explosion, ‘minimal’ damage was caused.

Martine Vaizman, who owns the restaurant with her husband Amos, said: “I’m not sure it was a racially-motivated attack although it’s a concern. We think that it could have been out of jealously because we’ve just relocated and put everything we have into making this new premises a success.

“It’s just a miracle that the whole restaurant wasn’t wiped out. It's cost us quite a lot to repaint and touch up everything that was damaged but it's minimal damage considering what happened."

The couple, who are both Orthodox Jews, were observing Shabbat when the fire broke out.

“During Shabbat we turn our phones off and rest, it was only until Amos turned his phone back on on Saturday night that we found out about the fire,” Mrs Vaizman added. “He had a notification telling him the alarm had gone off and told me we’d been broken into.

“He went straight down and called me to tell me there had been a fire although it was completely out by that point.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was completely shocked. We watched over the security video thinking that there must have been an electrical fault which caused it but we couldn’t believe it when we saw two men lurking outside around an hour before breaking in and dousing petrol all over the place.”

Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation into the incident, which took place between 10pm and 11.30pm.

Mrs Vaizman, who is expecting her fourth child next month, said: “I don’t quite know how I feel about what’s happened. I feel traumatised, shocked but also blessed that the restaurant will be ready to open this week.

“I just need to know who’s done it and why they targeted us. As Orthodox Jews with three little children and another on the way, I don’t want to go to sleep at night fearful because of what’s happened.

"The community have been amazing and so much information and help has been flooding in.

“I hope that these men can be caught as soon as possible and know that in this case, the good overcame the evil."

Anyone with information about the attack can call Greater Manchester Police on 101.

To watch CCTV footage of the attack: visit burytimes.co.uk