POLICE are hunting yobs who sprayed graffiti on the front of a cancer charity shop.

It was the second blow in the space of four days suffered by staff and volunteers at the Cancer Research UK branch in Prestwich Village, after the shop was also targeted by fly-tippers.

Shop manager Ros Burgess said: “I’ve worked here for 16 years and we’ve never had a week like this.

“My husband dropped me off at the back of the shop on October 23 and what I was saw was horrible.

“There was rubbish everywhere — everything from ripped-out kitchens to an old bathtub — blocking the fire exit.”

In July, Bury Council closed a recycling centre near to the shop.

Mrs Burgess added: “I definitely think that closure is why the rubbish has been dumped here. We need cameras up as a deterrent.”

Customers spotted the graffiti on the front of the shop last Friday.

“I was horrified that someone could do it,” said Mrs Burgess. “We think it might be kids getting up on to the roof doing it. It’s about 20ft up so we can’t get up there to clean it and Bury Council’s staff have told us they haven’t got a budget, so the graffiti is still up.

“Our customers have been really understanding and offered to help clear up the rubbish before it was removed.”

The shop is among the top ten earners for Cancer Research UK out of more than 500 other shops across the UK.

Councillor Jane Black said: “We are all proud of Prestwich, and residents and businesspeople are working hard together to keep our village looking good.

“We are starting to make plans for a big community clean-up, and hope this will bring people together, and send a strong signal that Prestwich hates litter, graffiti and anti-social behaviour.

“Anyone who is interested in being involved should contact me on 0161 773 3744.”

A police spokesman said: “We are reviewing CCTV footage as part of our investigation into the graffiti.

“If anyone has any information, they can get in touch on 101.”