Harry Williams

harry williams

Happy th Birthday To "Mr Ramsbottom United" HARRY WILLIAMS Ode to Harry He sits at the turnstile and collects all the dough, Rammy United's Chairman is turning Seven O, He founded the club back in the year '66, Five decades later he's still selling the tickets!. The tea he serves down there is sometimes quite shocking, But faced with complaint he'll just shout "Are we rocking". His dodgy old knees have sure seen some action, His unique turn of phrase can provoke a reaction!, A lovely black jaguar is his preferred choice of car, To the club and back home it doesn't go far, He can make you roar laughing, or make you quite mad, But all in all Harry's "Not a bad lad", You can search the world over through millions and millions, But one thing's for sure: There's no one like "Williams",