THE DATE was August 8, 1908 when this postcard of The Clough was posted in Prestwich.

The hand-coloured card shows Prestwich Clough tearooms and a network of footpaths.

It was described as sylvan and beautiful and the walks in it very pleasant.

In its heyday, The Clough also boasted a fine bandstand.

The Clough was opened as a park in 1906.

Prior to that, it was ancient woodland.

Among the visitors at the time was the veteran naturalist Abraham Stansfield, who recalled how he used to visit the Clough in the 1840s.

He said how pleased he was that it was being rescued from the state of decay and neglect into which it had fallen. At the western end of the Clough was a large house belonging to the Buckley family.

They owned a bleach works which had operated there from the middle of the 18th century.

Beyond the tearoom there is a large mound covered in beech trees, which were probably planted by the Buckley family.

Nine acres of The Clough were given to Prestwich Council by William Gardner. The council also bought more than 13 acres of adjoining land for £2,000 and spent £3,000 on laying out this land.

In 2006, Prestwich residents celebrated the centenary of The Clough in the first ever Clough Day festival. Brass bands and Morris Men provided the entertainment.

The event next takes place in St Mary’s Flower Park on Sunday May 17. Visit prestwichclough. to find out more.