EX-SERVICEMEN gathered in Bury on Friday to remember those who fought in two foreign conflicts.

The first ceremony, in Gallipoli Gardens in Silver Street, was to commemorate Lancashire Fusiliers’ involvement in action in Ismailia, Egypt, in October, 1951.

Fusiliers were sent in to disperse a large-scale anti-British riot and rescue stranded British civilians, including many women and children.

Those at the ceremony also remembered Fusiliers based in South Africa during the Battle of the Spion Kop in the Second Boer War in January 1900. In total, 243 British soldiers died and 1,250 were wounded or captured.

The second ceremony, at the South African War Memorial in Whitehead gardens, was also held to remember the battle. A group of 10 former servicemen attended each ceremony and raised flags.

Colonel Mike Glover, the Fusiliers’ area regiment secretary for Lancashire said: “It is important we hold ceremonies like this to remember the sacrifice these men made.

“Two of those who came were on active duty in Ismailia in 1951.

“The ceremonies are about remembering what members of the regiment have done in the past.”