THE home of a seriously ill girl in Bury is being transformed, after the makers of BBC’s DIY SOS programme came to town.

A total of 89 tradesmen joined the show’s team to start rebuilding six year-old Maddie Malone’s house in Caton Close last week.

The project, due to be finished today, has involved completing the Malone family’s unfinished downstairs extension, building a kitchen and giving Maddie her own bedroom and wet room.

Maddie suffers from dystonia, a neurological disorder that causes sustained muscle contractions, and an undiagnosed brain disease.

She has also lost much of the use of her legs and arms and has problems with her speech and digestion.

Nick Knowles, the show’s presenter, told the Bury Times: “The family deserve as much help as possible. It’s not right that they should have to live in these conditions.

“This is a family who have tried really hard to make things better and we want to help them do that. The dedication of these tradesmen has been extraordinary.

“These amazing people are putting themselves out to work for nothing.

“There are always a few difficulties along the way, but these workers will make it happen. They are heroes.”

Maddie’s parents, Michelle and Rod Malone, moved into their current home with their two other children in 2012, with the intention to provide downstairs living facilities for her, which would include a bedroom and wet room.

However, due to budget difficulties, the Malones were left with an unfinished extension and five of them living out of three rooms in the house.

Mark Millar, one of the builders from the show, said the Malone’s story was a real tearjerker.

He said: “When we first came here and did the interview with the family, the story was so strong I had to leave the interview. We knew we had to help this family.”

One of the tradesmen helping was Mark Thomas, aged 28, of MM Building Services in Scunthorpe, who made the three and a half hour trip to Bury.

He said: “The atmosphere is excellent. We’re all determined to give this family a better quality of life. It’s something that needs to be done.”

DIY SOS attracts around six million viewers in its prime time slot on BBC One.

No date has yet been set for the airing of this episode.